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This website has been online for around 12 years. It maintains high rankings in several leading search engines and would be an ideal website to add to an established or new network of bingo and/or gaming sites.

The price of is $5,000 USD. The price includes the domain and the complete site. The sale will be handled through for the peace of mind of both the buyer and seller.

Other Gaming Sites Currently Available

The gaming sites listed below are for sale as well. All are very basic sites that should be very easy to update. A key feature of these sites is that they have been active and online for around a dozen years. Several other bingo sites can be found in the list.
  • - $78,000 USD (Premier Site !)
  • - $12,500 USD
  • - $5,000 USD
  • - $9,500 USD
  • - $9,500 USD (Free Bingo Guide)
  • - $5,000 USD (Bingo Games Guide)

More Gaming Domain Names for Sale

The gaming domains listed below are also for sale. The prices include only the domains; the sites are currently unused.
  • - $9,500 USD
  • - $9,500 USD
  • - $7,500 USD
For more information about any of the above domains, please email us at:

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