Guide to Bingo Lingo

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Bingo Board The display that shows each number as it is called.
Blackout (Coverall) This is a bingo card pattern where you must cover all numbers on the card in order to win. Coverall bingo games sometimes have fixed payouts that start at a certain jackpot amount (say $3,000) and start to go down after a certain number of balls (say 50).
Caller The person (or computer-animated voice) who calls out the numbers of the balls.
Chat Room All of the bingo sites in our listing have online chat rooms. Chat rooms are a good place to make new bingo friends, to discuss bingo strategies, and to see how the other players are faring.
Dauber The marker pieces used on your bingo card to mark off the numbers that were called. Some online bingo sites allow you to choose the shape and color of your dauber. Most sites allow you to select whether you want to use an auto-dauber (the computer will mark your card for you), or a manual dauber (you must mark / click your own card).
Free Space This is always the middle square of the card. If included in the current pattern, it counts towards your winning numbers.
Jackpot The jackpot is normally the largest prize for the bingo game you are playing, and is awarded when you make the designated pattern within the specified number of balls.
Pattern Most online bingo sites offer a wide variety of patterns for their bingo games. To win the bingo game, you must complete your card with the special pattern of the game you are playing. To win the jackpot, normally you must manage to do this within the designated number of balls. Otherwise, you win the regular prize. If there is more than one simultaneous winner, the prize is usually divided equally. Be sure to read the game rules of each bingo site that you are playing, as their rules and jackpots often vary.
Progressives Bingo games (and many slot machines) sometimes have progressive jackpots, where you can win several thousand dollars in one game (or spin). Each time a progressive jackpot bingo game is not won, the "pot" gets added to the next game's jackpot total, and so on. It is not uncommon to be able to win five thousand dollars or more in a progressive jackpot.
Speed Bingo A variation of regular bingo. Numbers are called very quickly, and you can sometimes get bingo in as few as three numbers.
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